Elveena Fareedi
Director of Research & Evaluation

Elveena Fareedi brings her blended clinical psychology and research expertise to the Alliance and the Catalyst Center serving in the role of Director of Research and Evaluation. 

As a clinician, Elveena has worked with culturally diverse populations across the United States and Pakistan. Through her clinical practice, she quickly recognized the role of systemic inequity that taints the field of mental health treatment and prevention. Her curiosity to understand the development of psychopathology in early childhood and her passion to appropriately deliver equitable and accessible prevention services to the most vulnerable populations, led her into the world of research. 

Prior to joining the Alliance, Elveena worked with various reputable R1 universities in the U.S, developing a rich perspective on how sociocultural and familial determinants shape mental health pathways for vulnerable children. Elveena believes that utilizing research to understand the detection of early signs and determinants of psychopathology can inform providers to effectively deploy evidence-based interventions that can prevent the development of pathology, promote wellbeing, and improve quality of life in children and communities.

Elveena hopes to develop accessible scientific framework that is rooted in ethical, trauma informed, and culturally appropriate evidence-based innovations to support the Alliance’s mission in furthering child, youth, and family voices. She believes that any evidence-based methodology should be fundamentally imbedded in lived expertise and defined through the lens of social justice.

Elveena holds a Masters in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University

Email Elveena at [email protected]