Selena Liu Raphael
Catalyst Center Training Coordinator

Selena Liu Raphael has spent most of the last 20 years working in child welfare for several FFAs in Los Angeles County. Her most recent role was as the Program Supervisor of Adoption, Foster Care and Intensive Treatment Foster Care, but she has also served as a support group leader for both adults and children, and as a facilitator and trainer on a wide variety of topics.

Between 2008 and 2012, she worked in New York City in International Adoption as the Network Program Coordinator and for the Domestic Adoption Program as the Assistant Director of Child Care Services. During those years she remained bi-coastal, flying back to Los Angeles quarterly to provide intensive weekend trainings for foster families and also contracting with the UCLA Center on Child Welfare and presenting at various conferences such as the Joint Council on International Children’s Services and the New York Citizen’s Coalition. 

Prior to joining the Catalyst Center, she worked for an organization helping non-profits spread and scale their interventions and ensure that the projects they were expanding were grounded in equity and justice. She is excited to bring her passion for a more liberatory system for children and families and her love of training into her work with the team at the Catalyst Center and all member organizations of the CA Alliance. 

Email Selena at [email protected]