Jay Calcagno
Policy Associate

Jay Calcagno is the Policy Associate at the Alliance, bringing diverse experience from both the education and policy spheres. He supports the Policy Team in its tireless advocacy efforts through engagement with Alliance members, legislators and state agencies, partner organizations, and policy research.

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Paige Clark
Catalyst Center Program Analyst

Paige comes to the Catalyst Center with a background in program management and direct service in a K-12 educational setting.

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Corina Dubon
Membership & Outreach Manager

Corina Dubon is the Alliance membership and outreach manager. Corina is an experienced program manager with a demonstrated history of working with nonprofit organizations.

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Elveena Fareedi, M.A.
Director of Research & Evaluation

Elveena Fareedi brings her blended clinical psychology and research expertise to the Alliance and the Catalyst Center serving in the role of Director of Research and Evaluation. 

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Tamara Fleming

Catalyst Center Program Analyst

Tamara has travelled a lifelong journey seeking knowledge, love for self, spiritual guidance, and ways to positively impact society. Throughout this journey, Tamara has worked collaboratively and individually with a number of community organizations and agencies with the intent to implement positive and lasting changes in the public service systems that serve our communities.

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Max Geide
Communications and Events Manager

Max Geide is the California Alliance communications and events manager, responsible for member and external communications for the California Alliance and the Catalyst Center, database maintenance and organizational duties related to member services.

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Ari Gonzalez
Catalyst Center Program Analyst

Since 2016, Ariana had the privilege of working with youth and families at Casa Pacifica. Ariana held many roles from direct care staff to a Program Manager in the STRTP. Ariana’s love and passion to serve and provide care for the most vulnerable youth led her to the Catalyst Center, where she is devoted to continuing her advocacy and promoting positive change.

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Kim Janoe
Operations Director

As operations director, Kim Janoe oversees all Alliance and Catalyst accounting, Human Resources, and supervises communications and membership functions.    

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Cornelle Jenkins
Director of Strategic Initiatives 

Cornelle Jenkins, the director of strategic initiatives for the Catalyst Center, is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community by advocating for those who historically have been rendered voiceless.

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Hope Kamer
Policy Advocate

Hope Kamer is a Policy Advocate over Family-Based Services. In this role, Hope is the primary staff to the Foster Family Agency (FFA) and Adoption Committees of the Alliance and works on public policy issues impacting FFAs, Adoption Agencies, and Wraparound providers. 

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Kelsie Tatum Martinez
Senior Clinical Advisor

Dr. Kelsie Tatum Martinez is a licensed psychologist with over 15 years of experience serving youth and families with experiences of complex, intergenerational trauma and significant unmet needs. She has delivered direct care and clinical services as well as provided clinical, training, and special projects leadership to programs serving young people in California’s public systems of care.  

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Danielle Gabri

Senior Policy Advocate

Danielle Gabri has been with the Alliance since 2011 and is the senior policy advocate staffing education and prevention services committees along with a workgroup on commercial sexual exploitation.

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Rhonda Okonkwo
Catalyst Center Program Analyst

Rhonda Okonkwo is a program analyst for the California Provider Helpline. She has over 12 years of experience in social services, particularly child welfare services and medical social work.

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     Faith Pulido
     Senior Policy Advocate

Faith Pulido is the latest addition to the Alliance, coming directly from the California State Senate where she served as a director under Senator Henry Stern (D-Los Angeles) and previously as a consultant with the Senate Democratic Caucus under Senate Pro Tem, Toni Atkins. 

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Selena Liu Raphael
Catalyst Center Training Coordinator

Selena Liu Raphael has spent most of the last 20 years working in child welfare for several FFAs in Los Angeles County. She is excited to bring her passion for a more liberatory system for children and families and her love of training into her work with the team at the Catalyst Center and all member organizations of the CA Alliance.

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Leisa Rattray
Catalyst Center Program Analyst

Leisa joins the Catalyst Center with a background in informal education and case management.  She has experience working for non-profits, bringing public awareness to the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations. Her passion for child welfare is enhanced by her experiences as a resource and adoptive parent. Leisa holds a Master's of Science in Environment, Culture, and Society from the University of Edinburgh.

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Alina Sanchez
Project Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Alina joins the Catalyst Center as a project coordinator and executive assistant after several years of working directly with youth in a nonprofit setting. She graduated from Sacramento State with a Bachelors in Psychology and Counseling. 

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Adrienne Shilton
Director of Public Policy and Strategy

Adrienne has been serving as our Senior Policy Advocate for Behavioral Health. She now will be taking on a larger role at the CA Alliance, overseeing the work of the Policy Team.

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Christine Stoner-Mertz, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer

Christine Stoner-Mertz, CEO, leads the Alliance and the Catalyst Center and with the Board of Directors, drives the mission and vision for the organization. A licensed clinical social worker, Chris most recently led Lincoln, an Alliance member organization, before taking this position.

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Alex Volpe
Catalyst Center Program Manager

Alex Volpe was the executive director of Bay Area Youth Center/Sunny Hills Services and interim chief operating officer at Unity Care Group

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